Sunday, January 17, 2010

Style Class

During the last term, I took a style development class with Mike Humphries. The assignments involved receiving a prompt scenario, choosing an artist with a distinctive style, analyzing that style for key points, then applying those style points to our own design process.

The first scenario was a hunter's shack in the Smokey Mountains, set in the early morning. I chose to analyze and apply the style from "101 Dalmatians."

The second scenario was a San Francisco art school in a renovated Victorian house, set at night. I chose to work with the style of Charley Harper.

The final scenario proved to be quite challenging, for many reasons. The prompt was to design a playground attached to a themed restaurant. I chose to study William Joyce, and, rather foolishly, chose t0 theme the restaurant with the elaborate Louis XIV style of design. Complicating matters, this was also one of my first attempts at a full, vis-dev PhotoShop painting.

All in all, the class was incredibly informative in terms of understanding how artists adapt universal design principles relating to contrast, hue, value, simple v. complex forms, etc. to create their own unique style.

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